Metabolix Wellness is a unique medical practice with a focus on health rather than disease. We use evidence-based, modern medicine to direct medical diagnosis and treatments.

Our age management specialists can help you reach your health, weight, and aesthetic goals by using personalized lifestyle recommendations, targeted treatments and products, and proper nutrition and supplementation.

We encourage you to invest in yourself!  Whether you are investing in preventative care, investing in treatments for chronic illness, or investing in aesthetic medicine treatments, take action, schedule a consultation, and get started on your journey to health and vitality.

To help you get started, we offer no interest finance options through CareCredit.  Simply apply online for instant approval, and use your CareCredit account to pay for both treatments and products.  If you have any questions, please visit the CareCredit website or you may contact our staff for help.

Most Frequent Question - Customer

How much does an initial consultation cost?

In contrast to most companies that only offer complimentary consultations with a non-medical staff member, at Metabolix Wellness, we offer complimentary weight loss, hormone optimization, and aesthetic consultations with our team of specialists. We believe the initial consultation is such an important first step for patients, we do not want cost to deter anyone from having a consult with a qualified medical specialist.

Does insurance cover any treatments?

Traditional insurance only covers medical appointments. Rarely does it cover any treatments including nutrient IVs, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, or aesthetic medicine treatments. We recommend CareCredit’s interest-free financing as an option for patients to pay for medical and aesthetic treatments as well as products.

Do I need a consultation to get a Nutrient IV or Vitamin Drip?

You do not need to get a consultation before having a Nutrient IV or Vitamin Drip, simply call or text our office to schedule an appointment. At your initial appointment, you will fill out new patient paperwork and our IV Services Manager will discuss which nutrient IV therapy is best for you based on your needs. Our Specialty IV Therapies such as NAD, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ketamine, may require an initial consultation with our medical team. Simply contact us to discuss a specialty IV appointment.


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