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Trim Carb Revolution Client Success Stories

“I had been doing Nutrisystem since the end of February. I lost 35 lbs doing that and then it seemed like I came to a stalemate by the 4th month. The food isn’t bad but I wouldn’t want to live off of it forever. The weight loss was definitely more rapid with the detox plan. I felt good when we did it. I really didn’t notice getting hungry, I think the shot in the afternoon really helped me there. But I sure was ready to eat after work each night!! I feel it has really helped me to reach my goal weight. I am so so close. Not to mention how great it is to wake up and have lost 3 lbs overnight!!”—Kathy B. Age 49. Lost 10.5 pounds during detox phase.

“I have always been able to lose weight pretty easily by just cutting out carbs and hitting the gym hard... but never 10 pounds in a week! I still had great energy and was able to work out during the detox plan and it got me to my goal weight. I am now into the max cutter phase and am working leaning, building muscle and defining my abs. Love this program!”—Adam Z. Age 30. Lost 10 pounds during detox phase.

“My energy was good throughout. Dinners were very satisfying. MiniTrim really helped as an afternoon pick me up. I have maintained my 12 pound weight loss for the past 4 month and am currently in phase 3 of the program. My doctor has been able to take me off of my blood pressure medications! I feel great!”—Rick K. Age 61. Lost 12.8 pounds during detox phase.

“I had lots of energy during the detox phase and I had no issues with hunger. I vacation often and enjoy eating out but with this plan I can easily fall back into the grove when I am not vacationing and get/ keep my weight off. Super easy to follow.”—Susan K. Age 58. Lost 7.2 pounds during detox phase.

Dr. Brent Agin probably saved my life!

“I am 51 and have dealt with depression and chronic pain for many years. Dr Agin is the first Dr ever to check my serotonin levels. My serotonin levels were at a critical low level. I had been on two different anti-depressant and still had low serotonin levels. Dr Agin stopped one of my anti-depressants and started me on 5 different supplements. In reviewing side effects of low serotonin levels and how to increase serotonin levels, two of the supplements he started me on were the only two supplements that were mentioned in all the articles I read that would increase serotonin levels. Going forward, Dr Agin will be my treating physician. One other thing I would like to say, Dr Agin listens. He does not rush through your appt. He addresses all of your needs. He cares. His bedside manners deserve an A+++.”—Sharon Raymond RN

Melissa lost 65 pounds and counting!

Melissa G Combo

“After being overweight my entire life, I decided to make a change. It hasn’t been easy, but so worth it! I have lost 65 pounds and over 27 inches (and still counting!). This could not have been possible without the amazing personal training that I have received from Misty Sarlo at the Metabolix Wellness Center. The passion that she has to see people succeed is evident in all that she does and has helped me to change my life. For this, I will be forever grateful!”—Melissa G.  


Renee Lost 19 Pounds


Renee is a Metabolix Wellness Center client who successfully completed an HCG detox program and maintains her weight loss by supplementing meals with Trim Fuel protein shakes.

“I'm SO thrilled beyond belief and I feel so indebted to Dr. Agin and his staff at the Metabolix Wellness Center that I had to share this with you!

The before pic was taken on 3/31/15 and the after were taken on 5/23/15. I went to the gym ONCE during this entire period. (Losing the weight allowed my old muscles to become visible again.)

I began with 3 weeks of the HCG detox, followed by a diet of no carbs or sugar; this is when I began drinking the Trim Fuel shakes about twice a day. I never feel hungry or deprived and I honestly even do late night eating, yet I still have these results. The shakes have allowed me to not only keep the 15 pounds off that I lost during the HCG detox period but I have now lost another 4 pounds without really trying. I would have been thrilled just to keep the weight off, so what an added bonus surprise this has been!

I finally feel happy about my body again and maintaining these results has been pretty darn easy for me with these shakes. I have now started slowly adding in carbs and I'm still at the same low weight of 125. I can honestly say I look forward to the shakes more than meals sometimes because, YES, they really are THAT good! I hope others that are struggling like I was are able to feel like I do now. I almost thought I wasn't going to ever get back to my old body again and I'm so very thankful!! I truly feel that indebted to you guys.”—Renee R.

Karl Lost 40 Pounds

Karl R

Karl is a Metabolix Wellness Center client who successfully completed a 5&2 weight management program and worked with one of our fitness trainers.

"I can’t say enough for how much I appreciate the staff and trainer at Metabolix Wellness. In 3 months I have lost 40 pounds and have started to really tone my body. My wife especially loves the improved changes in my arms and abs!

The program taught me how to eat in a disciplined way, and it’s very easy to follow. My trainer creates great workouts that take 30 minutes or less and she pushes me to my max.

For me personally, I also had some medical issues that had an impact on my weight loss, these were identified and corrected. They were very thorough, and not your average diet plan. I have done other diet and fitness programs in the past where everyone is on the exact same diet and exercise program.

The 5/2 diet has basics to follow, but is structured for the individual, so changes can be made based on how you’re doing. I would definitely recommend the 5&2 program to everyone! - Karl R."

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