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Nutrient Therapy at Metabolix Wellness Center

Vitamin therapy IV’s and injections are infused directly into your system giving you the full benefit of the vitamin and mineral treatment blended specially for you.

Our Trim® products contain ingredients that are certified pure and are absorbed 100% into your system. Our prescribed, customized treatments are not only more beneficial to your body, they are cost effective, too.

Symptoms/Conditions our therapies can benefit are:
Autoimmune diseases, Crohn’s disease, Celiac, Ulcerative colitis, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Malnutrition, Anti- aging, Migraines, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Viral illness, Overall well being, and more.

Whatever your Need: Energy boost, Anxiety/Stress relief, Anti-aging, Skin rejuvenation, Weight loss, Mental alertness, Sports performance enhancement, Immunity boost and more.


IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy (IV-Therapy) has benefits that extend into many areas of...

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Vitamin Injections

At Metabolix Wellness we carry a full line of vitamin injectables from Trim nutrition...

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Metabolix Wellness Center of Clearwater FL

Our staff uses evidence based medicine to direct medical diagnosis and treatments. With a focus on preventative medicine and building a foundation of healthy lifestyles, we can treat disease and reduce risk through the promotion of health. We provide personalized integrative care and are accustomed to helping people with health problems that have been considered challenging. Metabolix Wellness has a particular expertise in complex health-care problems and is well known for leading people in a direction of healthy lifestyles and reducing the risk of illness. This replaces the old approach of waiting for people to become ill and then searching for a cure. The combination of diet, nutrition, exercise and preventative medicine can reduce the risk of disease and is the focus of wellness medicine.

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