Find Medical Weight Loss Services in Clearwater, FL

Medical Weight Loss Services in Clearwater, FL

If you’ve tried dieting without long-term success Metabolix Wellness offers you a prescribed weight loss system that gives you the results you want, sometimes even exceeding those goals!

Our professional staff of physicians and registered nurses will discuss your weight loss goals and devise a safe and healthy way for you to lose weight quickly and easily without pharmaceuticals or amphetamines.

While others are using treatments that artificially speed up your metabolism and ultimately cause you to gain the weight back, Metabolix Wellness uses natural vitamin and hormone therapies that promote healthy weight loss with no additives.

By following the custom regimen Metabolix Wellness has designed for you, you will find that you maintain energy while feeling nutritionally satisfied.


Trim Carb Revolution

Carb Revolution™ utilizes the science of carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting along with consumption of high protein, healthy fats, and Trim® Nutrition nutraceuticals. There is no calorie counting, label reading or point collecting required, making the program easy to follow and maintain.

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Metabolix Fitness

The Metabolix® Fitness Program includes everything you need for lasting weight loss results, including:A Starter Kit Booklet loaded with great information. Over 400 Personalized Recipes, Weekly Meal Plans, Grocery Shopping Lists, Fast Food Options, Food Logs and a Daily Journal, Exercise Routines and Logs, Progress Charts...

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HCG Detox Program

HCG has been safely used for years. For people that need to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds, the HCG Injections program has been helpful. If you have found that traditional diet plans have not resulted in weight loss reasonable for your efforts, HCG injections may help. Some clients still need further hormone testing, but most...

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Metabolix Wellness Center of Clearwater, FL

Our staff uses evidence based medicine to direct medical diagnosis and treatments. With a focus on preventative medicine and building a foundation of healthy lifestyles, we can treat disease and reduce risk through the promotion of health. We provide personalized integrative care and are accustomed to helping people with health problems that have been considered challenging. Metabolix Wellness has a particular expertise in complex health-care problems and is well known for leading people in a direction of healthy lifestyles and reducing the risk of illness. This replaces the old approach of waiting for people to become ill and then searching for a cure. The combination of diet, nutrition, exercise and preventative medicine can reduce the risk of disease and is the focus of wellness medicine.

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