Staff Bios

Dr. Brent Agin, MD

Founder and Medical Director

The best thing about wellness medicine is that everybody needs it. The medicine we practice focuses on keeping people healthy, maximizing vitality, and preventing disease – Lifestyle Medicine. Convincing our clients how good they can look and feel is hard in some cases, but the reward is worth it. My goal is to get every patient to say they feel the best both mentally and physically they have in a long time…this is when a healthy lifestyle is established.” — Dr. Brent Agin

Long recognized as a leading authority and innovator in the field of healthy aging, Dr. Brent Agin is a board-certified family medicine physician whose practice focuses on preventative medicine, hormone optimization, and nutrition. Dr. Agin works with a wide range of patients — from professional athletes and celebrities, to average individuals of all ages and fitness levels— to achieve lifelong wellness and vitality.  He also partners with medical practitioners to optimize their practices and allow more patients to benefit from an integrative approach to healthcare.  With nearly two decades of clinical experience and a lifelong passion for sports and nutrition, Dr. Agin founded Metabolix Wellness Center on the fundamental premise that Lifestyle Medicine is the key to optimal health.

Dr. Agin’s commitment to promoting a healthier way of living also fueled the founding of Trim® Nutrition, which has become an industry leader in the development and delivery of innovative nutritional supplements, vitamin injectables, and all-natural, rapid weight loss programs.  Dr. Agin’s proprietary blends have been used to facilitate diagnostic weight loss, disease prevention and treatment, drug detox, anti-aging, and sports performance enhancement.

Jamie Tripp, ARNP-C

Practice Director

“Every patient is different in regards to their needs, their goals, and the way they respond to certain treatments.  Taking time to communicate with my patients is how I achieve the best results.  It allows me to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses their unique needs, so they can look and feel their personal best.” — Jamie Tripp, ARNP-C

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Jamie is an ARNP Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in wellness and aesthetic medicine.  An Allergan Master Trained Injector, Jamie has been performing aesthetic treatments since 2011.  Jamie’s patients value her personable, caring demeanor and her advanced technical expertise.  She is known for creating beautiful, natural-looking results.  As an anti-aging specialist and co-founder of the Carb Revolution Diet@, Jamie enjoys treating patients, as well as training other medical practitioners on aesthetic procedures and functional medicine treatments.  Since most health issues are related to lifestyle, Jamie challenges her patients to take an active role in their health through regular physical activity and good nutrition.

Kathy Stocks, RN

Hormone & Weight Loss Specialist

Kathy Stocks, our Hormone and Weight Loss Specialist, is a registered nurse who works with men and women to reclaim the quality of life they deserve by restoring their hormones to healthy levels.  She has worked in family practice with Dr. Agin since 2004, focusing on weight loss, general nutrition, hormone optimization, and patient education.  Kathy’s blend of aptitude and empathy make her uniquely qualified to work with patients struggling with hormone-related health conditions.

Kathy’s lifelong passion for fitness, learning, and helping people led her to care for a diverse array of patients in a wide variety of environments.  From her work in the high-stakes environment of the Cardiac Critical Stepdown Unit at Maine Medical Center, to her time caring for hospice and home-health patients, Kathy proved her mettle as a nurse early on in her career.  Her wealth of nursing experience also includes work as a Women’s Health and Wellness Nurse for the Health Department, which allowed Kathy to develop an expertise in the field of hormone optimization.

Kathy earned her registered nursing degree in South Philadelphia.  She holds an undergraduate degree from Westbrook Collage in Portland, Maine.  In her free time Kathy enjoys running, volunteering, and reading.

Jenny Nunn, MA

Lead Medical Assistant

As our Lead Medical Assistant and IV Services Specialist, Jenny Nunn works with our practitioners to help people reclaim their lives and feel their absolute best.  With a  passionate and caring demeanor, Jenny helps patients follow their prescribed protocols and treatments.  In addition to her training and experience in the field of integrative medicine, Jenny also brings knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine, so she understands the importance of our inside/outside approach to looking and feeling your best.  Jenny joined the Metabolix Wellness team in 2012.  She completed her externship with Dr. Agin before going on to earn her IV certification from Clinical Solutions in 2013. Jenny holds a medical assistant degree from Ultimate Medical Academy.

Becky Vives, MA

Office Manager

As our Office Manager, Becky Vives works to manage operations and help our patients enjoy an excellent standard of care and personalized service.  As a trained MA, Becky also helps our patients directly as needed throughout the center.  Her extensive knowledge and experience includes the fields of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, phlebotomy, medical law and ethics, and surgical assistance.  Patients love her service-oriented personality and extensive knowledge of our medical treatments and product lines. She strives  to make all patient interactions smooth and pleasant, while providing an elevated level of care.  Becky completed her externship training hours with Dr. Agin here at Metabolix Wellness.  She went on to earn her IV certification from Clinical Solutions in 2011.  Becky holds a medical assistant degree from Ultimate Medical Academy.

Jocelyn Natale-Harris

Marketing Director

As our Marketing Director, Jocelyn Natale-Harris works with all levels of the company to maximize its growth and pierce the consciousness of our patients as well as the general public.  After spending nearly a decade and a half working in management and marketing in the fields of aesthetic medicine and functional health, Jocelyn knows what truly drives institutional growth and brand development — connecting on a human-to-human level with the people you’re trying to help.  As someone who has personally battled chronic illness and regained her health, Jocelyn is passionate about helping and educating others who are struggling and looking to reclaim their lives.  Her extensive knowledge of integrative treatments and aesthetic medicine helps her connect with patients through multi-faceted, strategic marketing campaigns across multiple media platforms.  Her published work in the fields of aesthetic medicine and functional health includes blog articles, newsletters, marketing materials, websites, social media. and promotional patient communications.  Jocelyn’s expertise in crafting dynamic, engaging presentation materials has helped physicians deliver compelling speeches and presentations to a diverse array of audiences on a wide variety of topics.  Always looking to engage with patients, you will mostly likely meet Jocelyn at our wellness center or corporate office.

Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University, with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business Marketing.

Maria DiPaola, RN

Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

Maria DiPaola, our Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, is a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience in the aesthetic medicine industry.  Maria’s wide range of expertise includes laser treatments, IPL photorejuvenation, microneedling, dermaplaning, PRP therapy, ultrasound cavitation liposuction, chemical peels, and more.  A people-person by nature, Maria takes great care to get to know each patient’s specific needs and areas of concern.  Maria customizes and crafts personalized treatments and skincare protocols using medical and prescription grade products from ZO SkinHealth.  Patients love her personable and caring demeanor, and the passion she shows for the field of medicine she practices.  Always one to follow up with her patients, she will make certain that you achieve your own aesthetic goals. 

Maria is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery Nurses.  She has a certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.  Maria holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Adelphi University.